Privacy Policy

ZANIMOTION fully understand and respect your online privacy. all the necessary steps have been taken to protect your personal information and ensure that your online security is not breached. Be assured of :

ZANIMOTION never sell, share or rent our e-mail list. Your e-mail address is used exclusively by me to communicate with you when necessary (for example, if we experience a problem with your order) or if you have requested information.

When you acquire a product license that is exclusively sold on an external marketplace, terms and conditions that prevails is the one of the marketplace, zanimotion cannot be held responsible on any conflict that might appears with the transaction made on the market place.  .

The credit card information provided when you purchase a product from the marketplace is processed through a separate website that features state-of-the-art protection and encryption processing system. ZANIMOTION does not store your credit card information on its server.

Zanimotion avoid to gather personal or individual information from visitors. However, i do gather general information. For example, which of the pages are visited most often,  from which countries comes the visitors, what browser is most popular, etc.

This information is anonymous and collected as the aggregation of all visitors together. This sort of information helps to understand the customers’ needs to serve them better.

Sometimes links are provided to external websites. Zanimotion is not responsible for the validity of these links, but correction of  any error will be made as soon as they are brought to attention.

Furthermore, i cannot assume any responsibility for the privacy policy of external websites. If you have any queries or would like to know more please use the form in the contact section.