Travel & Booking Promo Package
Geo is an advanced Travel & Booking Promo Trip Package, which works as an eye catchy 30sec commercial video showcase.

Build for travel agency, online booking website, hotel & resort looking to promote special deals, premium company that offers combined tourism and hospitality solutions.
GEO is made for promotional purpose, it works as a TV ad, it will help you highlight, your special offers and commercial deals (Unlimited or Limited time offer) .Overall animation is dynamic and delivers a clear message to your audience. This clean design, and Professional marketing approach should work as visual booster for your next communication Campaign
GEO is organized around business industry key points, and tries to answer the following :

Where to Travel, what's your destination ?
How long, what's the overall duration? 
How many people included in the offer
From Where,  Travel Flight & airport 
On site Stay , Hotel Deal offers 
How much it cost, Price shot 

Main Features
:: Full HD1080 / HD720 / 540
:: Portrait size ready
:: CC Version
:: Runs for 30sec
:: Build for travel agency, online booking website, hotel & resort
:: Dynamic video commercial made for corporate company which offers combine tourism and hospitality solutions
:: 29 Video/Picture Placeholders
:: 20 Text Placeholders
:: Full color control on everything, get the look and feel you want in an instant
:: Easy Drag & Drop Composition
:: Detailed PDF User guide
:: No plugin required
:: Works in any language ( universal expression enabled)
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