The Creative Agency Opener, is an out of the box video sequence made for any creative, digital business agencies or freelancers.

Based on the word “Creative”, the template offers a custom made, high-end animation to showcase your company or business services : Design, Branding, Websites, Mobile App, Motion Graphic, and more…

The animation includes a nice write-on effect of the word creative, nicely synchronized on audio, along dynamic camera close up transition with color changing, up to transformation with a light bulb icon morphing with creative text. Smooth light flash during keyword transition ensure 100% of your viewer attention, and the overall dynamic will for sure leave a positive impression on your audience.

If you’re business scope involves creative ideas and digital solutions… this project is made for you.


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Project Features

  • CS5.5 & Above
  • Full HD1080 / HD720 / 540
  • 15sec duration
  • Build for Creative Agencies, Freelancers, Digital Medias companies
  • Two Ready Made fonts : Arial and Nexa
  • Clean, unique and dynamic logo opener made for creative industry
  • Eye Catchy , out of the box Morphing animation, Light bulb Icon and creative Text concept
  • 6 Placeholders for keywords combination with the word creative
  • 2 Ready Made Logo Reveal Version – Horizontal & Vertical
  • 4 Ready Made colors for both fonts style  : Purple, Blue, Black, White
  • 4 Ready Made Texture Pattern(dots, squares, lines, grip) | Easily add style to  your background, Each can be combined with each others
  • Easy FX Switch for a professional tuning : Light Leaks, Directional Light Blur, Vignette
  • Full color control on everything, get the look and feel you want in an instant
  • Easy set-up : Drag & Drop Composition
  • Sound FX Included
  • Easy Drag & Drop Composition
  • Works in any language – universalized expression
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